Game Description

Vault is a game that turns the richness of your daily routine into in-game wealth. Use your daily activities to fill your Vault with Cals, explore Vaults to gather even more Cals and raid enemy Vaults to steal from and sabotage them.

Become the richest Vault owner in town in this aggressive game of greed and cunning.

Unique Features

  • Gravity-defying gameplay that allows you to stick to and move along any walls
  • Intuitive swipe action to jump and to dodge enemies
  • Challenge your friends and raid their Vaults in an attempt to be the richest

Growth & Market Analysis

  • Recommended Audience:                       Casual Gamers
  • Recommended Platform:                        Mobile & Tablet Devices
  • Recommended Revenue Model:             Free to Play
    • Monetize on special powers to assist in Vault clearing
    • Monetize through the integration with fitness band



Coming Soon