Game Description

In Snap Escape, photographs are a rare source of power. Input your own photographs directly into the game and use them to bestow various elemental abilities unto your cavemen! Cast fire on the cavemen to boost their speed, liquefy them to phase through obstacles, explode them high into the air – and much more! How long can you keep you and your friends from being devoured by Mr. T-Rex?

Unique Features

  • Use your photographs as a source of power! Different photos, different abilities!
  • Guess interpretatively on other players' photographs to contribute to their powers and earn time bonuses for yourself
  • Dress up your caveman to keep up with the latest Cro-Magnon fashion

Growth & Market Analysis

  • Recommended Audience:                       Social Gamers
  • Recommended Platform:                        Facebook and Mobile
  • Recommended Revenue Model:             Free to Play
    • Ad-based monetization revenue
    • Monetize on aesthetic upgrades for avatars



Coming Soon