Game Description

A third person action-puzzle game set in the world of Chroma where colour is the life force of all beings, players take the role of Huey and Satura – a pair of outcast siblings who try to destroy malevolent crystals that absorb the colours from their world.

The game conveys basic concepts of financial literacy, allowing players to make critical decisions that translates to the real world.

Unique Features

  • Plan your paths by drawing it – it’s that simple!
  • Wait for the right opportunity to start your journey to the other side
  • Manage your resource effectively – to multiply or to safeguard them, you make the call

Growth & Market Analysis

  • Recommended Audience:                       Casual Gamers
  • Recommended Platform:                        Mobile & Tablet Devices
  • Recommended Revenue Model:             Premium and Free to Play
    • Monetize on character abilities like Speed Up, Stealth, Teleportation and etc.
    • Monetize on purchasing Blanc to
      • Equip character with gears that grant one-time use (per level play through) powers
      • To further invest their Blanc for purchasing power


Coming Soon