Game Description

A multiplayer turn-based strategy game where you plot your way to be the one and only Ruler of the North.

Make allies and rivals as players collaboratively initiate and invest in the construction and teardowns of buildings, ultimately altering the landscape of the island. As players plan their actions and respond to other players, they practice strategic thinking and resource management in the dynamic and ever-changing world of the North.

Unique Features

  • Multiplayer, 4 – 6 players pitting their wits against each other
  • Real time strategy planning & resource management to be the richest and most powerful!
  • Ally or backstab fellow players as you try to survive in harsh reality of a power struggle

Growth & Market Analysis

  • Recommended Audience:                       Mid-Core Strategy Gamers
  • Recommended Platform:                        PC
  • Recommended Revenue Model:             Premium


Coming Soon