Game Description

CarneyVale: Showtime is a physics-based vertical acrobat platform game in which you play as ragdoll Slinky, a circus acrobat trying to rise up the ranks by performing acrobatic tricks and death-defying stunts through increasingly complex arenas.

Unique Features

  • Catch and fling the ragdoll Slinky around using trapeze-like Grabbers
  • Avoid electrical and flaming hazards which cause Slinky to lose lives
  • Perform special acrobatic tricks
  • Map Editor for you to build your own levels!

Growth & Market Analysis

  • Recommended Audience:                       Casual & Mid-core Gamers
  • Recommended Platform:                        All Platforms
  • Recommended Revenue Model:             Premium or Free to Play
    • Monetize on special power ups to get through the stages



Coming Soon