Game Description

Follow the tale of this courageous child as he goes on a quest to rescue the Royal Family from the top of the towers, despite his asthmatic condition. Guide him to leap over treacherous gaps, battles hordes of monsters, and scale the spiraling stairs to the summit and witness the unlikely hero journeying towards knighthood.

Unique Features

  • Simple ‘attack and jump’ gameplay that appeals to all ages
  • Learn to manage your resource – fitness level – using the ‘rest’ ability
  • Access to a wide array of items to aid you in your journey

Growth & Market Analysis

  • Recommended Audience:                       Casual Gamers and Asthmatic Young Children
  • Recommended Platform:                        PC, Mac, Mobile & Tablet Devices
  • Recommended Revenue Model:             Free to Play
    • Monetize on inventory slots and items
    • Monetize on character development and gears




Coming Soon